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It's Bazaar Time!

It's Bazaar Time!

Ramadan month is the happiest time for Malaysians, as it's where you get all the good foods. Whether it's your first time experiencing the bustling atmosphere of a Ramadan bazaar or you've visited multiple times, here are some tips for you to get the most out of it.


1. Be an Early Bird

Arrive on time, always. If you want to get good food, make sure it's not too late when you arrive – around 5pm is the best timing. Never arrive after 7pm as most stalls will either be closing or selling leftovers.


2. Avoid Obstacles

Finding parking can be a challenge. Make sure to research parking options before departure. If no information is available, try to arrive early to secure a good parking spot.


3. Support Local Vendors

Ramadan bazaars are a hub for local businesses and vendors. So why not show your support by purchasing from small-scale entrepreneurs and family-run stalls? Not only will you be enjoying delicious food, but you'll also be contributing to the local economy and helping these businesses thrive.


4. Sufficient Budget

A common problem at Ramadan Bazaars is bringing insufficient money – you can never bring just the exact amount needed. So, make sure to bring extra cash. If you’re running out of budget, consider cooking yourself. A good cookware makes cooking an even better experience. Neoflam FIKA series cookware offers aesthetic design and a high-quality cooking experience. Visit Neoflam Malaysia now to get some recipe ideas as well as we have a 10 part Buka Puasa Recipe! Here are some tips for visiting the bazaar and getting what you want with ease. Selamat berbuka puasa!

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